About Me

I am a PhD candidate at Harvard University, advised by Prof. Todd Zickler. My interests are computer vision, human perception and machine learning. I am currently designing computational stereo algorithms that are more consistent with human binocular vision. 

I reveived SM in Copmuter Science from Harvard in 2018 and B.A.Sc in Electrical and Computer Enginering from the University of Toronto, Canada in 2015. In Toronto, I was advised by Prof. Sven Dickinson and Prof. Sanja Fidler. While in Toronto, I also did some economics research with Prof. Loren Brandt.

My first name pronounces as Jah-Lee-Awn. 



J. Wang, D. Glasner and T. Zickler, "Half-occlusion boundary detectors in computational stereo vision", abstract in J. of Vis. (Oral at VSS)
J. Wang, D. Glasner and T. Zickler, "Toward perceptually-consistent stereo: A scanline study", in Int'l Conf. on Computer Vision, 2017.
J. Wang, D. Glasner and T. Zickler, "A dynamic programming algorithm for perceptually-consistent stereo",  Technical Report, 2017.


Teaching Experiences


I did a software engineering internship in Altera Corp. R&D division in San Jose, CA in summer 2013. Altera is now Intel FPGA.