I am a Simons Collaboration postdoc at Brandeis/Harvard CMSA in the year 2017-2019. Before coming here, I was a member at the Institute of Advanced Study in 2016-2017. I finished my Ph.D at Columbia University under the supervision of Mohammed Abouzaid in 2016. 

My research interests focus on the study of symplectic geometry and its relationship with mirror symmetry, noncommutative geometry and Hamiltonian dynamics. 

Recently, I am insterested in deriving enumerative invariants from the mirror symmetry conjecture. With H. Hong and Y.-S. Lin, we studied the relationship between descendants Gromov-Witten invariants of toric Fano surfaces and oscillatory integrals of their LG mirrors. In another direction, such enumerative invariants (and periods) can be considered with discrete symmetries, with Egor Shelukhin, we investigate its Z_p-equivariant analogues for any prime p and derive consequences in Hamiltonian dynamics. You can find the details in my research statement.