Hi My friendKan Lin

Vice Dean, Fudan-Stanford Institute for China Financial Technology and Risk Analytics, Fudan University (Fudan-Stanford Joint Institute) website

Kan is an experienced scholar and policymaker with a demonstrated history of working in financial and technology innovation & regulation from both public and private sectors.
He worked for ministries and commissions of China State
Department, participated in research and formulation of 50+ China's national policies on tech & financial policy, CBDC, economic reform.
Prior to that, he was an investment banker, with a focus on technology venture investment.
received his Ph.D. from University of Tokyo, and was a on-the-job Joint Postdoctoral Fellow in Tech & Financial policy, Tsinghua University (2017 - 2019).

Research Interests
• Tech & Financial Policy: CBDC design, Fintech regulation, financial scientific innovation
• Economic Reformreform of state-owned enterprises, financial risk of real estate / local government debt / banking

• Blockchain Expert Committee Member, China Computer Federation (2020 - )
• Financial Innovation Committee Member, Western Returned Scholars Association (2019 - )
• Adjunct Faculty, Institute for Fintech Research (THUIFR), Tsinghua University (2018 - )

Recent Presentations
• [2020] delivered speech for APEC "Financial Infrastructure Support for Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery in Asia Pacific", introduced China's financial technology policies and leading fintech innovators to 150 representatives of ministries, international organizations, fintech & financial firms from 40+ countries.
Organized by: World Bank, IFC, APEC, etc. Agenda and Speaker Bios Link.

• [2019] delivered speech for 14th CEO Forum on Small and Medium-sized Commercial Banks, explained national financial & tec innovation policies to 600+ bank CEOs, executives and middle managers from 193 banks. (the largest communication platform for bank executives in China) Agenda and Speaker Bios Link.

Some of my policy interpretations for Shenzhen administration and financial firms, for Development Research Center of the State Council, for Journal of Financial Regulatory Research;  teaching for Guangdong Province, for Shenzhen government, for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, for China Logistics Association, etc.

• Book 1: China Financial Technology and Security Course (China People's Press, 2020)
• Book 2: Cryptographic Assets: Digital Asset Innovation Investment Guide (China CITIC Press, Chinese translations, 2018)
• Kan Lin, Qun Cao, Zheli Chen. 2019. Legal Supervision and Risk Prevention of Digital Currency and Initial Coin Offering, Tsinghua Financial Review
• Kan Lin. 2019. Local Government Debt Risk Control and Management, China Finance
• Kan Lin. 2019. Promoting Innovation in Supply-chain Finance to better Serve the Real Economy, China Banking
• Qun Cao, Kan Lin, Geng Xu. 2019. Analysis of the Digital Token in the Accounting Treatment Based on a Full Accounting Process, Finance and Accounting
• Financial Network Risk and Supervision in China's Banking System. 2018. China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Working Paper
• International Comparative Study on Local Government Debt and Credit Risk Prevention. 2019. Joint Project with National Development and Reform Commission, etc. 
• Real Economic Leverage and China Banking Risk Prevention. 2020. Joint Project with National Development and Reform Commission, etc. 
• Development and risk prevention of digital currency and CBDC. 2021. Joint Project with People's Bank of China, etc. 
and 40+ policy reports, journal papers, working papers.