Education Coalition Building for South Sudan

Alongside colleagues of GCE and our partner, ANCEFA, our trip to South Sudan joined in celebrating the enormous achievement that is the new, first national curriculum. We also joined the Partners for Education Group (PEG) to establish a new civil-society education forum in the country. It was an honor and privilege to meet the citizens working so hard to improve the next generation of life in South Sudan.

You can read more about our work on the Global Partnership for Education blog, here:

The school: 888 students, 5 rooms, 9 teachers

The students come in two rounds: 444 in the morning, 444 in the afternoon.

The only books in the school were in the principal's office. A donation from an overseas charity, they aren't the best match for the local curriculum needs.

Spent the weekend with some of the local rock climbers and inviting the local kids to rock climb with us as well. Here's one star student, all harnessed up and ready to go.