I am a PhD candidate in Biostatistics at Harvard.

I've always had a wide and eclectic interest in using computation and mathematics to do science. After graduating high school as the National Scholar of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, I spent my undergraduate years exploring computational projects in physics, economics, biology and mathematics. I have two post-graduate degrees, an MS in mathematics from NYU's Courant Institute and an MA in biostatistics from Harvard.

I've worked as bioinformatician at Harvard and a computational biologist at Broad Institute and concurrently, a consulting data scientist at Harvard's Institute of Quantitative Social Science where I participated in more than 100 social science projects and taught programming workshops to students at Harvard and MIT.

I'm very active in scientific communication on Twitter. My main research interest is in the role of statistics in knowledge generation.

I have a robust interest in the arts and I'm a writer, a runner and an amateur photographer.

Science Communication

I'm very active in science communication. My handle is @kareem_carr on Twitter.