Uri Kartoun: Turning Robotics into Data Mining / Alumnus Profile

April 17, 2013

In March of this year, Uri accepted a post as research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Shaw Laboratory, working also with Harvard. DR. URI KARTOUN discovered a passion for robotics as a BGU undergraduate. Three degrees later and with some engineering experience under his belt, he turned his specialized knowledge to one of the 21st century’s major challenges: how to make sense of huge masses of data. Uri first studied accounting and economics at The Hebrew University, but after a year moved to BGU. “The social life of BGU was a main reason," he acknowledges. But once he’d joined the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, there were robots. "Working with the equipment, integrating virtual reality into my robotics was fascinating and amazing. So I decided to continue with my master’s and Ph.D., focusing on collaborative human-robot learning. In this type of system, the robot performs a task and learns by interacting with the environment. But if it doesn’t learn fast enough, it asks for human intervention."

By Natalie Canavor.

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