White Paper - Human-Robot Following using UWB Tags


A system developed by Parco Wireless, a developer of an ultra-wideband (UWB) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology was installed at the Washington Hospital Center (WHC). The system allows tracking of humans and equipment in three dimensions. The deployment covers several zones centered on the emergency department including Annex-4 and the Medial Media Lab located nearby. Parco real-time location system uses tags and readers licensed from Multispectral Solutions, an ultra-wideband specialist allows hospitals and clinics to track the status and exact location of patients, staff and essential equipment. UWB RFID active tags can be wore by patients, medical staff and robots. The credit card-size tags (Fig. 1) can be detected at a range of 600 feet at a frequency of up to 30 times a second. The tags are tracked by unique three-digit identification numbers emitted by each tag every second. Data delivered by UWB tags is used for a whole range of decisions and focused here on human-robot following.