Kate Utzschneider is an unshakable optimist

Kate believes people can be masterful leaders of their professional and personal lives when they become more self-aware and are willing to discover unforeseen avenues to self-determined success.

As an instructor on resilience in the workplace, emotional self-regulation, and leadership development, she facilitates interactive workshops and seminars that allow students to apply evidence-based knowledge to their personal and professional lives.

In her private practice as a psychological consultant and resilience coach, she focuses on resilient leadership and helps people to become the leaders they want to be, so they can make the impacts they believe in.

She is the founder of a Not-For-Profit-Organization in Germany that dedicates its work to improving collective behavior. Activities to support this mission include psycho-education in schools and companies on coping with stress, emotions, and the importance of social support for mental health.

As a team member in the department Resilience & Society of the Leibniz-Institute for Resilience Research, she conveys scientific findings on resilience to the public. Her previous experience as a corporate manager at a Fortune 500 company allows her to draw tools from interdisciplinary backgrounds.

Kate has traveled to 60 countries, lived and worked on four continents, participated in 10-day silent meditation retreats twice, and has sailed across two oceans.

With graduate business degrees from Germany and the U.K., Kate continues her education and is researching the effectiveness of resilience interventions to complete her master’s degree in psychology from Harvard in 2022.