I'm an Instructor in Medicine (Junior Research Faculty). I have a P.hD. degree in molecular genetics, a MSc degree in biochemistry, and a BSc degree in biology.

Our lab is located in the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) main campus in downtown Boston and it's affiliated with MGH, Harvard Medical School, MGH Center for Regenerative Medicine, and Harvard Stem Cells Institute


My research program aims to understand the function of membrane-less biomolecular condensates formed at the interface of chromatin as a result of interactions between DNA, proteins, and regulatory RNAs. I study biological condensates in mammalian development and in liver disease. My research combines approaches in molecular biology related to gene expression; gene manipulation using CRISPR; biochemistry approaches to determine protein-RNA interactions; generation and analysis of large-scale genomics and transcriptomic data; high-resolution microscopy to detect biomolecular interactions; and the use of mouse models to study liver disease.

Contact me:

Email: kadavesh@gmail.com

Personal Website: https://www.kavehdaneshvar.com/



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