New software for writing papers/grants

A while ago, I came across "Manuscript App", a software that, once fully developed, will help academics write their manuscripts and grants. The software is in developing stage and it is not released yet. I got lucky to be an early beta tester and I am now using it for a short manuscript that I am writing with my summer intern. Here are some great potentials of "Manuscript app":

1) It's simple: just by comparing its interface with other word editing softwares, you can obviously recognize and appreciate the simplicity.

2) Syncing: work on your paper at home, then go work on it at work (I don't know if there is going to be a cloud and web application or not).

3) There are academic templates for grants and papers. 

4) There is possibility of citing as you write (I am assuming that you can import you library from other reference mangers such as mendeley)

5) You can export as submission ready manuscript! (This one is hard to resist!). 

I will have more updates in near future.