Update on research

It has been a long time since I reported on my progress and things that I am currently doing. Here are some brief updates:

1) I really enjoyed the Keystone symposia on lncRNA. It was a great opportunity to interact with the people of the field. The Keystone symposia being very small and specific, I can describe the people that I met as my future collaborators, potential reviewers and editors of my scientific work...and who knows, maybe good friends! In fact those were all true! 

2) We currently have a big publication in review. The paper brought together some six laboratories all across the east and west coast together. My contribution to the paper is not form my primary work on lncRNAs, but It relates to the system that I work with (i.e. embryonic stem cells). I will write more about this paper when it is in press. 

3) I have more exciting new about my genome editing toolboxes. In the past few months I have had many constructive talks with the prominent people of the field and I have received many good feedbacks that make me believe that our genome editing toolbox will be a very efficient one for the community.

4) I am at the stage of investigating the role of my candidate lncRNAs in hES cells. There are some great early signs that make me optimistic about future! 

5) Finally, spring is in Boston! It was a bitter and long winter, so I believe that we all deserve a long spring!