Working Papers and Ongoing Projects

Working papers: 

"The Origins of Ethiopia’s Primary Health Care Expansion: Politics, state building, and health system strengthening." Revise and re-submit.

"Up Before Dawn: Experimental Evidence from a Cross Border Trader Training at the Democratic Republic of Congo-Rwanda Border." (2019). With Maria Elena Garcia-Mora, Markus P. Goldstein, Eduoard R. Mensah, and Michael B. O'Sullivan. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9123. Revise and re-submit. 

"Does Mass Deworming Affect Child Nutrition? Meta-Analysis, Cost Effectiveness, and Statistical Power" (2019). With Joan Hamory Hicks, Eric Hsu, Michael Kremer, Ricardo Maertens, and Edward Miguel. NBER working paper 22382; CEPR discussion paper 11458; World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7921.

"Can job training decrease women’s self-defeating biases? Experimental evidence from Nigeria." (2017). With Markus Goldstein and Alaka Holla. World Bank Policy Research working paper 8141. Under review.

Ongoing projects:

"The Political Origins of Primary Health Care Expansions in Developing Countries." This is a comparative, multi-country project; support for pilot work in Ethiopia in 2019-2020 has been provided by a grant from the HSPH Dean's Fund for Scientific Advancement. 

Impact evaluation of Healthy Villages and Schools water and sanitation project, Democratic Republic of the Congo. With Aidan Coville, Eric Mvukiyehe, and John Quattrochi. Trial registration here

Impact evaluation of Estonia's Enhanced Care Management primary health care reform. Trial registration here.

Impact evaluation of emergency medical services pilot in Malawi. With Sveta Milusheva, Saahil Karpe, Linda Chokotho and Wakisa Mulwafu. More information available here.