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Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Listing your COIs is challenging, but err on the side of inclusion.  You can reach out to editors for explicit instructions


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Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 10:44 AM 
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Subject: Re: COI Question

Yes even though a grant it's best to list in that area just so everyone is aware.

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I have a question regarding the Annals Conflict of Interest Form. 
I just wanted to clarify, for the below question, should we list the NIH grant the funded the full project? I 
was not sure if this was considered a conflict, but it did seem that it might be relevant to list here.   
"Did you or your institution at any time receive payment or services from a third party (government, commercial, private foundation, etc.) for any aspect of the submitted work (including but not limited to grants, data monitoring board, study  design, manuscript preparation, statistical analysis, etc.)?"