The Economic Context for Reforming the Safety Net


Karen Dynan. 11/6/2019. “The Economic Context for Reforming the Safety Net.” The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 686, 1, Pp. 352-368. Publisher's Version
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As we wrestle with the future of our safety net and social insurance programs, it is important to understand not only the features and outcomes associated with individual programs but also the broader economic context. This reflection piece discusses several relevant aspects of the macroeconomy and of economic and financial conditions facing households—rising government debt, slower macroeconomic growth, limited tools to fight future recessions, greater income inequality, and the financial struggles of households. It goes on to draw lessons for how we should reform our system of entitlement programs.
KEYWORDS: Safety net, Social Security, recessions, government debt, inequality
Last updated on 11/08/2019