Experiment (USTC)


Experimental Sensing Quantum Atmosphere of a Single Spin 

I did independent research into the new concept Quantum atmosphere (QA), designed the experimental sequence to measure the spectroscopic properties in the QA of a nuclear spin based on NV center. I simulated the spin evolution under the pulse sequence and performed the experiment to realize my proposal. I processed the data with Origin and MATLAB and included the results in my first-author paper, which is now under the review of Phys. Rev. Lett.

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Simulation (Harvard)

Magnetic gradient Fourier imaging

1. I computationally simulated the experimental scheme which is aimed at imaging Moire magnets with ensemble NV centers. 

2. I developed the 2D sparse random sampling points processing method to analyze the spectrum and reconstruct the 2D periodic magnetic field distribution. 

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Experiment (USTC)

Homebuilt desktop device to search for dark matter

1. I took part in the construction of the optical path for collecting the photons emitted by NV centers.

2. I calculated the exotic spin-dependent dipole-dipole interaction mediated by axion-like particles and simulated the effective magnetic field of the NV center generated by the polarized spin ensembles in cylindrical pentacene.

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Dark matter

Simulation (MIT)

Quantum Spin Ice (QSI)

1. I Cooperated with MIT people to carry out the simulation of the emergent photon and spinon behavior in quantum spin ice (QSI).

2. I wrote a quantum worm algorithm (WA) to do large-scale simulation of the quantum spin ice material.

3. I developed a low-energy effective Hamiltonian (ring exchange) algorithm to simulate ultra-low temperature behaviours.

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