The project of quantum atmosphere and searching for exotic interaction mediated by dark matter are under the guidance of Prof. Jiangfeng Du in Unibersity of Science and Techonology of China (USTC).

Prof. Xing and Mam Jiao led the project of dark matter searching.

In the project of quantum atmosphere, I cooperated with Zhiping, Zhijie and Xi. Zhiping performed the experiment with me. 


The project of Fourier imaging is supervised by Prof. Amir Yacoby in Harvard and I cooperated with his group members Mark Ku (now moved to Udel) and Ruolan Xue. Johannes and Shantam from Ronald Walsworth's group (University of Maryland) also joined the project to search for its applications.

The study of quantum spin ice is carried out as a visiting scholar in Frank Wilczek's group in cooperation with his post-doctoral fellow Sid Morampudi. 

The Quantum worm algorithm (WA) is written and developed under the guidance of Prof. Youjin Deng in USTC and I got a lot of help from his group members Longxiang Liu and Bo Zhang.