Experimental Sensing Quantum Atmosphere of a Single Spin


Kehang Zhu Zhiping Yang Zhijie Li Qing-Dong Jiang Zihua Chai Changkui Duan Ya Wang Xing Rong, Jiangfeng Du. Submitted. “Experimental Sensing Quantum Atmosphere of a Single Spin ”. Publisher's Version



Understanding symmetry-breaking states of materials is a major challenge in the modern physical sciences. Quantum atmosphere proposed recently sheds light on the hidden world of these symmetry broken patterns. Yet, no experiment has been performed to demonstrate its potential. In our experiment, we prepare time-reversal-symmetry conserved and broken quantum atmosphere of a single nuclear spin and successfully observe their symmetry properties. Our work proves in principle that finding symmetry patterns from quantum atmosphere is conceptually viable. It also opens up entirely new possibilities in the potential application of quantum sensing in material diagnosis.


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Last updated on 11/08/2020