Curriculum Vitae

Keren Ladin is PhD Candidate at Harvard University in Health Policy (Ethics). She is also a Senior Research Associate at the Transplant Institute and Center for Outcomes Research at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She has also been a Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Aging and Health Economics at the National Bureau for Economic Research (NBER) and a Doctoral Fellow in the Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality and Social Policy at Harvard University.

Keren graduated with General and Departmental Honors from the University of Chicago with an AB in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine in 2005, and received an SM in from the Harvard School of Public Health in 2007. During her graduate studies, Keren focused on health disparities, particularly research exploring pathways by which social inequality affects health and well-being.  She employs empirical and normative approaches to better understanding how to achieve fairness in resource allocation for vulnerable populations. Her research interests include disparities and biases in medical decision-making, the role of social networks in acute medical decision-making, and applications of social justice frameworks to inform global health and health policy. 

Keren has studied disparities in aging and mental health, immigrant health, resource allocation for vulnerable populations, and disparities in transplantation, particularly the role of social networks.  Outside of academics, Keren enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.