I am a senior in Currier studying History with a secondary in Government. My main interests are the Middle Ages and legal history, and I am now writing a thesis on the Roman law of slavery in late medieval Europe. I am also assembling a sample of English household inventories for The Documentary Archaeology of Late Medieval Europe, a digital collection of sources of material culture. As a peer adviser for the History Department, I am always delighted to entice more undergraduates to the marvelous study of the past.

Other interests include the history of political thought, art history, and all things American politics. I conduct simulation analyses of legislative redistricting at the Algorithm-Assisted Redistricting Methodology Project. In the past, I have contributed to projects collecting data on the administrative burden of state-level Medicaid programs and on migration and social welfare in OECD countries.

Outside of academic work, I spend a great deal of time at WHRB, mainly broadcasting classical music and punk. I play piano and have picked up a smattering of violin, viola da gamba, and organ over the years, though I'm still a terrible singer. On the professional side of things, I have most recently interned in the office of the immediate past Attorney General of Virginia.

After immigrating to the United States from China at the age of five, I lived for some years near the Twin Cities (in the greatest state in the Union) before moving to Northern Virginia. I enjoy listening to opera, reading mysteries, biking around town, and cooking.