Muslim Chaplains at Harvard University

On behalf of the Office of the President and Provost, I would like to extend my warmest peace and blessings to you and welcome you to the website of the Muslim Chaplains at Harvard University. This site serves as your personal resource for raising awareness about Muslim life on and around Harvard’s campus and offers you multiple opportunities to enhance your understanding about Islam and Muslim identity.

Muslim Chaplaincy at Harvard is built upon three foundational pillars: spiritual transformation, community building, and education & resources. Each of these areas are available for your exploration on this website and it is my hope that through these pillars you will find your way to the enhancement of the quality of your life as a Muslim student and community member on and around campus.

Remember that we are all works in progress and that our collective condition is only changed through our work to change our individual condition. So let us together work towards helping ourselves and each other grow and develop through faith and spiritual practice. This means that you must be with God as if you see Him; and if you cannot, then be with people knowing God sees you! Welcome to Muslim Chaplaincy and I sincerely look forward to having you at all of our events and programs.


Faith; Justice; Compassion

Chaplains Khalil Abdur-Rashid & Samia Omar