Spiritual Transformation

Routine of the Prophet

In Islam, spiritual transformation is the core objective of our purpose in what it means to be human. This is because the human being is more than just a material substance. We are spiritual beings who must learn how to cultivate our spiritual quotient (S.Q.). Too often we tend to neglect the wellbeing of our spiritual self, which contributes to existential crises, unwanted anxiety, feelings of emptiness, and a loss of purpose. All of these may be addressed through the process of spiritual transformation, the act of working on the self and enhancing one's wellbeing as a result. Spiritual transformation in Islam occurs through four stages: the first is certainty in faith; the second is ethical practice in all spheres of behavior, the third is the liberation and discipline of the conscious, and the fourth is demonstrating the best and most virtuous action for a given moment. All of these stages are devoted towards doing the right thing for the right reason in the right way. The Muslim Chaplain’s programs provides Harvard Muslim students and community members an opportunity to experience spiritual transformation through a variety of different programs that include:

  • The weekly Friday Prayer (Jumua)
  • The annual Harvard Islamic Pilgrimage¬†