One of my research themes is understanding sources of unwanted variation, from noncompliance to confounding. Some of my areas of focus include:

  • causal inference
  • experimental controls, negative and positive controls
  • Bayesian modeling
  • experimental design
  • noncompliance

Publications and Working Papers

  • L. Campos, M. Glickman, K. Hunter. Measuring effects of medication adherence on near-term time-varying health outcomes using marginal Bayesian dynamic linear models. Biostatistics, 2020

  • K. Hunter, M. Glickman, L. Campos. Inferring medication adherence from time-varying health measures. Submitted. arXiv:2104.11651

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  • N. Pashley, K. Hunter, K. McKeough, T. Dasgupta, D. Rubin. Causal inference from treatment- control studies having a pseudo-factor with unknown assignment mechanism. Submitted.

  • D. Hsu, K. Hunter, G. Cartwright, L. Garcia, M. Li, K. Shaw, M. Sutton, Y. Yin. Relative influences on regulator approval of energy utility rates. Submitted.

  • K. Hunter, J. Gagnon-Bartsch. Confounding and population stratification in genetics studies. Work in progress.

  • K. Porter, L. Matrix, K. Hunter. Estimating statistical power in multi-level experimental designs when using multiple testing procedures. Work in progress.

  • K. Hunter, J. Gagnon-Bartsch, T. Speed. Using estimated negative controls to improve inference in genetics experiments. Work in progress