Biographical Note

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto. My areas of interest include economic sociology, organizations, political sociology, cultural sociology, and law and regulation.

My research explores the causes and consequences of major changes in banking and finance over the past 30 years. I am currently engaged in four research projects: (1) a book and a series of articles exploring the development of national regulatory systems in historical perspective, focusing on Canada, the U.S., and Spain in the period leading up to the recent global financial crisis; (2) an exploration of how the rise of the shareholder value model of management has contributed to an explosion in bank risk-taking since 1980 (with Jiwook Jung); (3) a project examining the effects of a new professional, the chief risk officer (CRO), on the rise of risky derivatives and other outcomes (with Jiwook Jung and Frank Dobbin); and (4) an investigation of how recent changes in the form and function of national banking systems have shaped trends in socioeconomic inequality, with an emphasis on lending to small businesses.


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