About Me

I'm a 2015 graduate of the Harvard Medical School's Social Science MD-PhD Track (PhD, 2014, MD 2015). My Phd work was in sociocultural (medical) anthropology with Arthur Kleinman as my primary advisor and a dissertation committee with Byron Good, Mary-Jo Good and Philippe Bourgois.  I study the intersection of US prison systems, addiction policy, mental health and drug treatment. My ethnographic research is based in Massachusetts at the state women's prison, a Boston jail, and a community-based suboxone treatment program. I follow the experiences and treatment of women addicted to heroin through the prison and jail systems and back home or onto the streets. I strive to integrate my ethnographic and clinical interests by providing primary care for people leaving prison and/or dealing with addiction. I am currently finishing my medical training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in Internal Medicine-Primary Care. I maintain a clinical interest in addiction with medication-assisted treatment and additionally see patients at the Nashua Street Jail with the Crimson Care Collaborative at Harvard Medical School. I am also very interested in the role of activism, health and the politics of health/addiction. 

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