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Welcome to Culinary Psychology 2023 an all-encompassing knowledge base course for those who wish to learn about, and aid others to understand, their relationship with food and the psychology of eating. Check out the course description and syllabus.

Culinary Psychology 2023

Welcome video for Culinary Psychology 2022

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Welcome video on Culinary Psychology Stelios Kiosses

Join me this Friday 12th November for a FREE EVENT with Professor Alistair Ross (University of Oxford) in conversation 'From Repression to Expression: The Power of Talking in Psychotherapy' Register here by midday Friday: https://bit.ly/30aRjvB 


Listen to my interview on psychotherapy, hoarding and my book The Power of Talking with the wonderful Ingrid Jansen on the Declutter Hub Podcast



Listen to my latest podcast on hoarding, psychotherapy and my latest publication of my book The power of Talking with Harvey Schwartz MD 



So excited - my debut book is OUT NOW


1. Jonny Benjamin MBE, mental health campaigner, writer, filmmaker, and public speaker 

The Power of Talking is a truly fascinating, insightful, and powerful read. I felt like I was in the therapy room along with Stelios as I read through each moving and compelling story. This book can teach us so much – not just about therapy but about humanity in general. I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest or experience in mental health. Stelios’ passion and knowledge, as well as his warmth and kindness, shine through in this truly wonderful book.

2. Elizabeth Pegg Frates, MD, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, Health and Wellness Coach, Wellness Synergy, LLC, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School 

The Power of Talking is one of a kind in that it brilliantly blends information about therapy, with personal experiences, research, and client stories. It is a captivating read with a fantastic blend of entertaining and thought-provoking stories along with history and information about therapy as a healing tool and a journey of exploration. While reading the book, one is gently invited to explore his or her own childhood, struggles, relationships, and successes. Stelios has done a remarkable job sharing so many different sides of psychology, therapy, and himself in an easy to digest and fun to read book.

3. Alistair Ross, Associate Professor – Psychotherapy, Oxford University 

The paradox of The Power of Talking is that it reveals the power of listening. Stelios shows that by listening to painful aspects of his own story (by talking in the presence of a psychotherapist), he was equipped to embark on this deep process with others. The stories he tells reveal the wonder of the human spirit, the capacity to overcome trauma, the complexity of life events, and the wisdom of the therapist saying the right thing at the right time. Stelios demystifies the therapeutic process and opens it up for others to look into.




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