Recent papers that I've led:

Full-Array Noise Performance of Deployment-Grade SuperSpec mm-wave On-Chip Spectrometers, arXiv:2002.04542

Characterizes the noise, optical efficiency, and spectral profiles of SuperSpec on-chip spectrometers, to be deployed to the Large Millimeter Telescope in 2020

BICEP2/Keck Array XI: Beam Characterization and Temperature-to-Polarization Leakage in the BK15 Dataset, arXiv:1904.01640

Evaluates of the impact of temperature-to-polarization leakage in the world-leading BICEP/Keck constraint on primordial gravitational waves

Delensing Degree-Scale B-Mode Polarization with High-Redshift Line Intensity Mapping, arXiv:1908.08128

Explores the ability of future line intensity mapping experiments to aid in B-mode delensing for CMB-S4

Constraining the Expansion History and Early Dark Energy with Line Intensity Mapping, arXiv:1806.09625

Forecasts the ability of future line intensity mapping experiments to constrain the baryon acoustic oscillations at redshifts beyond those accessible to galaxy surveys

Optical Characterization of the BICEP3 CMB Polarimeter at the South Pole, arXiv:1607.04567

Presents beam profiles and differential beam parameters for the 2500-detector BICEP3 receiver (the model for the CMB-S4 small-aperture telescopes)