"Recognized for his use of language, accuracy, and balanced presentation, K. Lee Lerner’s extensive dossier  as an author, editor, and producer of science and factual media contains multiple award-winning books and media projects. A respected teacher and scholar, he serves the managing director of the LMG Science and Factual Media Lab based in Cambridge and also as a senior consultant for international investment and consulting groups. For more than 30 years, Lerner's syndicated 'Taking Bearings'  essays have offered evidence-based perspectives on science, current events, and global issues. Thought-provoking and Influential, Lerner's Academia site consistently ranks among those most frequently accessed by students, scholars, and decision makers from around the world...

Lerner's science background in physics and molecular biology, wide global experience, and deep familiarity with current science and technology challenges make him a sought-after strategic consultant and "Tiger team/Red team" tactical problem solver for government and private organizations facing challenging developmental, investment, operational, or security issues related to biotechnology; energy resource management, alternative energy development; and prevention, mitigation, and crisis response related to radiologic, chemical, biologic, and other public health threats." — National Press Club profile


"A skilled aviator, sailor, and scholar, Lerner's global experience, including two circumnavigations, enrich his writing and add diverse perspectives to his commentary. His portfolio of stories and photos touch on every continent, and his perceptive essays -- often from challenging areas suffering civil war, violent protests, drought, famine, and disease outbreaks -- help bring clarity to chaotic events and complex issues."

"K. Lee Lerner is a member of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.; U.S. Naval Institute; Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO); Phi Kappa Phi (the nation's oldest all-discipline academic honorary society), Harvard Alumni Association; and Harvard Club of Boston. He was a delegate to the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers ( Paris, 2011); and twice a delegate to the  International Society for Infectious Diseases World Congress (Lisbon, 2006 and Kuala Lumpur, 2008)" -- Harvard Alumni Profile