Cairo — Egypt's Presidential Election (May 2012)


Lerner KL. Cairo — Egypt's Presidential Election (May 2012). Taking Bearings. LMG (London, Paris, Cambridge). May 20. 2012.
Cairo — Egypt's Presidential Election (May 2012)


CAIRO, EGYPT--With voting set to start Wednesday, supporters of candidates and a spectrum of advocacy groups converge on Tahrir Square, the cradle of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, for last-minute campaigning and debates. Polls point to uncertainty over the outcome of Egypt's upcoming presidential election. Security forces stationed near the site are cautious and on alert as crowds grow nearing the first round of balloting. 

Although differing in aspirations for the revolution, Egyptians interviewed argued that the revolution's future was equally uncertain, hinging in part on which parties and leaders will first exercise post-military control of the country. (more)

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