College Biology II (Second Semester)


Lerner KL, Lerner BW, Rennie EL ed. College Biology II (Second Semester). Intellus Learning and Macmillan Learning. 2018.
College Biology II (Second Semester)


An introductory undergraduate course and/or supplemental resource for intended for Biology majors and Pre-Meds, (online)

Produced by K. Lee Lerner and curated by LMG's academic subject-matter experts and editorial teams, College Biology for Majors II (Second Semester) is a fully customizable college-level course crafted in partnership with Intellus Learning and Macmillan Learning editors, instructors, and compliance experts. Topics include: Introduction to Animal Diversity; Invertebrates; Vertebrates; Basic Form and Function; Animal Nutrition and the Digestive System; The Nervous System / The Endocrine System; Sensory Systems / The Musculoskeletal System; The Circulatory System / The Respiratory System; The Immune System; Osmotic Regulation and Excretion; Animal Reproduction and Development; Seedless Plants; Seed Plants; Plant Form and Physiology; Plant Reproduction; Soil and Plant Nutrition; Ecology and the Biosphere; Population and Community Ecolog; Ecosystems; Conservation Biology and Biodiversity; and Useful Information and Resources


ISBN-10: 1-319-23987-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-23987-9

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