College Physics II (Second Semester)


Lerner KL, Lerner BW, Rennie EL ed. College Physics II (Second Semester). Intellus Learning and Macmillan Learning. 2018.
College Physics II (Second Semester)


An algebra-based undergraduate course and/or supplemental resource for introductory physics intended for Pre-Meds and other majors not requiring calculus-based physics. (online)

Produced by K. Lee Lerner, who also served as an instructor and curriculum designer, and curated by LMG's academic subject-matter experts and editorial teams, College Physics II (Second Semester) is a fully customizable college-level course crafted in partnership with Intellus Learning and Macmillan Learning editors, instructors, and compliance experts. Topics include: Electric Charge and Electric Field; Electric Potential and Electric Field; Electric Current, Resistance, and Ohm's Law; Circuits and DC Instruments; Magnetism; Electromagnetic Induction, AC Circuits, and Electrical Technologies; Electromagnetic Waves; Geometric Optics; Vision and Optical Instruments; Wave Optics; Special Relativity; Introduction to Quantum Physics; Atomic Physics; Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics; Medical Applications of Nuclear Physics; Particle Physics; Frontiers of Physics; and Useful Information and Resources


ISBN-10: 1-319-23983-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-23983-1

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