Epidemiology: Introductory Reference Formulas and Primer


Lerner KL. Epidemiology: Introductory Reference Formulas and Primer. [PERSONAL NOTES], Harvard University. 2012.
Lee Lerner


A one page (two sided) set of formulas and basic definitions for a first course in epidemiology covering essential concepts including β rate, R0, prevalence, cumulative Incidence:, absolute risk, cumulative Incidence, confidence Intervals, standard error, sample, confidence intervals, risk difference, relative risk, odds ratio, attributable risk, cohorts, case controls, positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV), mortality data,: healthcare disparities, case-control studies,, selection bias, recall bias, single or double blinded studies, ecological studies, cross sectional studies, selection controls, non-differential misclassification, differential exposure, detection bias. confounders, etc. (download to read more)

Last updated on 07/25/2019