Gender Issues and Sexuality: Essential Primary Sources


Lerner BW, Lerner AW, Lerner KL ed. Gender Issues and Sexuality: Essential Primary Sources. Thomson | Gale; 2006.
Gender Issues and Sexuality: Essential Primary Sources



"for students doing in-depth research, this up-to-date set would be the one to use."--Reed/Elsevier

"A remarkably varied set of sources.…both the women's and gay rights movements are well-covered .. the variety of topics and works that makes this collection most notable and interesting... a more layered study of gender and sexuality..." -- Eric W. Trekell, Director, LGBT Campus Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Gender and Sexuality: Essential Primary Sources provides insight into the personal, social, and political issues regarding gender and sexuality. Issues that range from what many hold as intimate matters of personal belief to matters that stir, shake, and thus profoundly shape modern society.

The women's rights and gay rights movements in the United States and Britain feature prominently in this volume. From the aftermath of the Seneca Falls Convention to present-day policies against sex discrimination, from the trail of Oscar Wilde to the legal recognition for same-sex marriages, these distinct movements share many of the same goals. Their struggle for social equity is a common movement for human rights: the right to own property, to live free of harassment and discrimination, to work, to enter into marriages, and to found families. (continued... download to read more) -- K. Lee Lerner, Brenda Wilmoth Lerner, and Adrienne Wilmoth Lerner, editors. Paris, France & Lisbon, Portugal. June 2006.

Gender Issues and Sexuality​​

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