Geneva, Switzerland — Displaced by Disaster


Lerner KL. Geneva, Switzerland — Displaced by Disaster. Taking Bearings. LMG (London, Paris, Cambridge) [Internet]. 2013.
Geneva, Switzerland — Displaced by Disaster


Geneva, Switzerland — With major disasters on the rise, media’s short attention span leaves millions alone on the road to recovery

Driven from their homes and communities, displaced people are vulnerable to violence, exploitation, poverty, and disease. In a chorus of languages that crosses continents, displaced people also lament that the media’s short attention span to their plight leaves them voiceless and alone on the road to recovery.

In contrast to the flow of media-enticing bloodshed provided by conflicts, the hardships and perils facing those displaced by natural disasters usually slip quickly from news headlines. Media attention inevitably shifts international attention from one natural disaster to another. (more

Note: Originally published as an academic paper submitted as part of the 'Displaced by Disaster' project for Harvard (See

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