Global Issues In Context (GIC): An online news service and academic reference resource.

Global Issues in Context



Outstanding Academic TitleOutstanding Academic Title, 2010

2010 CODIE Award Finalist for Best Online News Service

2009 School Library 10 Best

GIC is an international news service and academic resource. K. Lee Lerner served as Editor-in-Chief and  Brenda Wilmoth Lerner served as a senior editor for GIC content development and they were instrumental in developing the "In Context" concept for Cengage. GIC was one of the first internet-based resources to be named an Outstanding Academic Title, a designation previously reserved for books. After the launch of of GIC in 2009 Lerner & Lerner, along with LMG subject matter experts, continued to serve as primary advisors and contributing editors for science and public health content until 2018. Global Issues in Context was named an Outstanding Academic Title in 2010; named to the  SL Journal Annual 10 Best List and in 2010 was an CODIE Award Finalist for Best Online News Service.​​​​​​

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