Journal: Selected Commentary, Features, and Photoessays by K. Lee Lerner

Journal: Selected Commentary, Features, and Photoessays by K. Lee Lerner


"Journal" is a mix of professional and personal photos. In addition to working in some of Earth's most beautiful and challenging environments, access to restricted sites and the opportunity to work quietly in venues normally crowded with tourists is a cherished facet of LMG work. 

While representative, there is no attempt to create a detailed diary, per se. In general, personal photos taken while living/working in London, Paris, Provence, Italy, Cambridge/Harvard, Washington, Texas, and along the Gulf Coast are not included. (See Life Bits and other albums). Archival family photos are maintained in a select--access album. 

I have exercised editorial discretion with regard to publishing photos, especially for a diverse audience. In many cases, prior and existing confidentiality agreements limit what I can post, or require that I publish only excerpts of work in captions and associated stories. 

I carry a camera primarily to document and storyboard -- but I attempt to adhere to the ethical standards articulated by the National Press Photographers Association. Accordingly, news photos and video are unstaged and I attempt to remain unobtrusive and not alter the natural action of the subjects. Post-processing is limited to (1) cropping and rectifying (adjusting horizon lines) that does not alter meaning or essential context; (2) minor adjustments in exposure and lighting settings to enhance details without radically altering composition or natural colors; and (3) desaturating color photos to create black and white photos. 

©LMG. Except as noted, photos by K. Lee Lerner. All rights reserved.

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