Kiev, Ukraine — Revolution And Rebellion In Ukraine


Lerner KL. Kiev, Ukraine — Revolution And Rebellion In Ukraine. Taking Bearings. LMG (London, Paris, Cambridge). 2014.
Kiev, Ukraine — Revolution And Rebellion In Ukraine


Kiev, Ukraine — In civil conflicts, even the terminology over who is rebel, traitor, or terrorist becomes contentious. Ultimately history, shaped by the victorious, will decide.

The West assumes the parties in this crisis are sharply polarized. Akin to the Spanish Civil War, while neighbors may differ with intense and lethal passions, the factions, fidelity, and goals are, at least at the outset, deeply nuanced. 

Several clocks count down toward renewed unrest. As in other revolutions or rebellions, the patience of the people who deposed the prior Ukrainian government is not endless. They seek tangible improvements in their daily lives from the interim government (and any subsequently elected government). 

History has shown us that once rebellion is in the blood, it becomes easier to take a second drink. (more)