U.S. History I (First Semester)


Lerner AW, Lerner KL, Lerner BW, Rennie E ed. U.S. History I (First Semester). Intellus Learning and Macmillan Learning. 2018.
U.S. History I (First Semester)


A college-level undergraduate course and/or supplemental resource (including extensive primary source material) providing an overview of the history of the United States. (online)

Produced by K. Lee Lerner and curated by LMG's academic subject-matter experts and editorial teams, United States History I (First Semester) is a fully customizable undergraduate course crafted in partnership with Intellus Learning and Macmillan Learning editors, instructors, and compliance experts. Topics include: The Americas, Europe, and Africa Before 1492; The Atlantic World, 1492–1650; Colonial Societies, 1500–1700; Rule Britannia! The English Empire, 1660–1763; Imperial Reforms and Colonial Protests, 1763-1774; America's War for Independence, 1775-1783; Creating Republican Governments, 1776–1790; The New Republic, 1790–1820; Industrial Transformation in the North, 1800–1850; Jacksonian Democracy, 1820–1840; Westward Expansion, 1800–1860; The Antebellum South, 1800–1860; Antebellum Idealism and Reform Impulses, 1820–1860; The Tumultuous 1850s; The Civil War, 1860–1865; The Era of Reconstruction, 1865–1877.


ISBN-10: 1-319-21416-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-21416-6

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