U.S. History II (Second Semester)


Lerner AW, Lerner KL, Lerner BW, Rennie E ed. U.S. History II (Second Semester). Intellus Learning and Macmillan Learning. 2018.
U.S. History II (Second Semester)


A college-level undergraduate course and/or supplemental resource (including extensive primary source material) providing an overview of the history of the United States. (online)

Produced by K. Lee Lerner and curated by LMG's academic subject-matter experts and editorial teams, United States History II (Second Semester) is a fully customizable undergraduate course crafted in partnership with Intellus Learning and Macmillan Learning editors, instructors, and compliance experts. Topics include: Go West Young Man! Westward; Expansion, 1840-1900; Industrialization and the Rise of Big Business, 1870-1900; The Growing Pains of Urbanization, 1870-1900; Politics in the Gilded Age, 1870-1900; The Progressive Movement, 1890-1920; American Foreign Policy, 1890-1914; Americans and the Great War, 1914-1919; Redefining the Nation, 1919-1929; Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? The Great Depression, 1929-1932; Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1941; Fighting the Good Fight in World War II, 1941-1945; Post-War Prosperity and Cold War Fears, 1945-1960; America in the 1960s; Political Storms at Home and Abroad, 1968-1980; From Cold War to Culture Wars, 1980-2000; and The Challenges of the Twenty-First Century.


ISBN-10: 1-319-21419-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-21419-7

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