Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues


Lerner BW, Lerner KL. Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues. Cengage; 2016.
Worldmark Global Health and Medicine Issues


"This new encyclopedia does an excellent job of placing health and medical problems within social, political, and economic contexts... — Booklist, May 15, 2016


Many of the great successes in public heath and medicine also serve as important social milestones for humanity, especially with regard to the prevention and treatment of disease. While civic sanitation, water purification, immunization, and antibiotics have dramatically reduced the overall morbidity and the mortality of disease in advanced nations, much of the world is still ravaged by disease and epidemics, and new threats--including lifestyle diseases--constantly appear to challenge the most advanced medical and public health systems... At its core, WMGH contains assessable explanations of many recent scientific advances in public health, advances in medicine, molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, and related fields. 

Another key and distinguishing feature of WMGH is an attempt to articulate links between science and social facets of global health issues. Despite their prevalence, many issues cannot be distantly cast from their intimate influence over daily life, economic impacts, and social context. Accordingly, a focus of WMGH is the attempt to identify the social determinants of health. 

Global health issues can also arouse passionate debate as to effective and appropriate solutions. By illuminating global health issues as a nexus of science, ethics, economics, and policy, WMGH serves both scientists and non-scientists searching to formulate rational opinions on an array of issues. In turn, issues that were once purely social or ethical issues (such as sexuality or alcoholism) are explained as aspects of human behavior and personality determined or influenced by genetics...  (continued)  -- Brenda Wilmoth Lerner & K. Lee Lerner; eds.  Cambridge, Mass. April, 2015.

Global Health Issues

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