I am a historian of modern European and international history. My scholarship tracks the exchange of individuals and ideas—across cultures, geographies, and temporalities. I am especially interested in international and imperial law, world government and international order, and the League of Nations and the United Nations. My research has been funded by fellowships and prizes from the Frank Knox Committee, the Judicial Conference of Australia, the Sydney Southeast Asia Center, the University of Sydney, and Harvard University. 

At Harvard, I am a PhD candidate and Knox Fellow in the History Department. Beyond that, I am the incoming Executive Director of the Toynbee Prize Foundation, and a Global Intern with the UN History Project. I was previously a research associate with the Laureate Research Program in International History at the University of Sydney. I received a BA in History (Hons I) from the University of Sydney in 2014, and an LLB (equivalent to a JD) from Sydney Law School in 2016.