I am a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School within Dr. Harald Paganetti’s lab. I am a grantee of the Postdoc.Mobility fellowship offered by the Swiss National Science Foundation to the most promising young researchers. I work on the assessment of the suitability of different imaging modalities for adaptive proton therapy and validations of the corresponding workflows by means of Monte Carlo simulations and dedicated experiments.

My overarching career goal is to exploit multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge to push the frontiers of cancer radiation therapy by carrying out high-quality, cutting-edge research. Therefore, I have built my academic career with a long-term vision of becoming an expert in the broad field of medical applications of particle physics. My background includes fundamental particle physics, beam diagnostics for medical applications, beam dynamics and accelerator physics, technology development, and dose delivery in proton therapy. Since joining the lab of Dr. Paganetti in December 2020, I have been gaining experience in image-guided online adaptive therapy and Monte Carlo dose calculations. I have published more than 20 peer-reviewed journal papers (16 as the main contributor, 8 as the first author).

My recent interests include a novel MRI-guided adaptive treatment approach in the upright position, which I believe may become a new standard of care in proton cancer therapy.