Harvard Thursday Seminar 2018-19: Immersions of manifolds

Caveat lector!


Seminar outline

Lecture 1: Overview (Mike Hopkins)

Lecture 2: Immersions up to cobordism (Jun Hou Fung)

Lecture 3: Relations among Stiefel-Whitney classes of manifolds (Bena Tshishiku)

Lecture 4: The Hirsch-Smale theorem (Emily Saunders)

Lecture 5: Smale-Hirsch immersion theory via holonomic approximation (Daniel Álvarez-Gavela)

Lecture 6: Braid groups and braid Thom spectra (Ben Knudsen)

Lecture 7: Properties of Brown-Gitler spectra (Robert Burklund)

Lecture 8: The construction of \(BO/I_n\) (Jeremy Hahn)

Lecture 9: Stable splittings of classifying spaces of compact Lie groups (Sanath Devalapurkar)

Lecture 10: Hopf algebras, Witt vectors, and Brown-Gitler spectra (Morgan Opie)

Lecture 11: Hopf algebras, Witt vectors, and Brown-Gitler spectra, continued (Morgan Opie)

Lecture 12: Toward the immersion conjecture (Ben Knudsen)