Data Visualization



I am a visualization enthusiast. There is so much to learn about constructing historical arguments from the process of viz design. There is also a great deal of historical insight to be gained from learning to mine - and manipulate - data. Playing with the numbers inevitably yields different perspectives on longstanding and deeply entrenched historical narratives, but it is a form of analysis concerned less with disproving those narratives than it is with recontextualizing them. 

I have tried my hand at visualizing everything from the cost of conducting surveys of Muslim pious endowments in the 1830s to the distribution of language groups described in the 1897 census. I tend to build visualizations as part of the analytical process rather than as presentation tools (which means that I think of my work as thought-pieces rather than polished finished products), but they do a reasonably good job of getting their point(s) across. 

Go to my visualization gallery (and note that the vizzes are interactive, so click at will. Refresh your browser if you want a clean slate).