Field Research in China

  • Running a County 101

    A local leader in Hubei, an inland province on the Yangzi River, gives me new insights into local government organization.

  • Figuring Out Local History

    An official at a local party history office helps me read between the lines of local gazetteers and party histories.

  • Digging into Local Archives

    Carefully guarded and reluctantly declassified, local archives provide fascinating insight into party state institutions.

  • Participant Observation with Former Red Guards

    Two weeks on a train, at night moving and during the day re-visiting sites where Mao Zedong had once disposed of these radicals.

  • From Boxer Rebellion to Aluminium Plant

    The aluminum plant at the heart of the political economy of Chiping County, where the Boxer Rebellion broke out in 1898.

  • The Brain Behind Local Land Development

    This geography professor helps to devise local land policies, taking into account law, profitability and public opinion.

  • Learning the Ropes in Zouping County

    Invited by Prof. Goldstein, I accompanied experienced researchers to Zouping, also meeting the county's number one official.

  • Underground Party Activity

    Visiting sites of the anti-Japanese war effort in Southern Shandong, with my mentor Professor Liu Ping of Shandong University.

  • Participant Observation on a Ferry to Japan

    On my way to Japan, I encountered a group of Chinese migrants, here watching the sunrise over the coastline of Shimonoseki.

  • Triangulating Empirical Evidence

    Archival material held by the Republic of China on Taiwan helps to add perspective to accounts found on the mainland.