Keating is a writer with interests that span the contemporary and ancient worlds. He is a Preceptor in Expository Writing in Harvard College.

Originally from West Hartford, Connecticut, Keating completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia and Cambridge and holds a PhD in Classical Philology from Harvard. He is especially interested in the manifestations and receptions of autocracy and his current research projects approach these concepts from two perspectives: the first probes the role of nostalgia in fifth-century BCE Athenian constructions of autocracy, while the second explores how epic models for rulership are mediated through the act of Homeric quotation in Greco-Roman antiquity. More information about Keating's writing and teaching may be found at

Keating is also an outdoorsman and an exhibited photographer. A selection of his images may be seen at Keating has a piece from his series Fabrications now on display in Harvard's Smith Campus Center. 

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