One more Red Valkyries blurb from Grace Blakeley

“Red Valkyries is a fascinating alternative history of the feminist movement, told from the perspective of the east rather than the west. The women Ghodsee profiles are committed socialists who realise that women’s liberation is incompatible with capitalism, and who also frequently struggle against the centralisation of power within their own countries. Required reading for anyone seeking out an alternative to #girlboss feminism.”  — Grace Blakeley
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More blurbs from Slavoj Zizek and Sheila Rowbotham

“In our historical moment, quotas of women in power positions and correct manners or expressions are obfuscating the long historical link between feminism and radical politics. Ghodsee's Red Valkyries is exactly the book needed to correct this misperception and help feminism to rejoin its radical past. The five figures analysed were fighters who pursued the feminist cause through their full engagement in revolutionary political struggle. Can we still imagine this, in our era obsessed with victimization?” – Slavoj Zizek

“Written with clarity and zest, Red Valkyries is an...

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The first blurb for Red Valkyries by Jodi Dean!

“We’ve needed this book longer than we know: celebrating and learning from revolutionary socialist women, Red Valkyries gifts us with models essential to today’s struggles. Kristen Ghodsee breaks down the wall liberal feminism built in women’s history, bringing to life a vision of emancipation that continues to be worth fighting for.”

– Jodi Dean, author of Comrade

A new translation into Albanian!

So excited to learn that Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism will now have an Albanian translation. That’s the 15th foreign edition, and the 14th translation!

Albanian translation