October 2021

New author photos

I did a photoshoot with the amazing Elena Hmeleva in Paris earlier this month because I needed some updated professional author photos, and these are some of the results. I was quite uncomfortable at first, but she was a pro and got me to relax and enjoy myself. I especially love how Elena managed to evoke the spirit of Paris in so many of the images.



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A new book review of Taking Stock of Shock

Thanks very much to Gabor Scheiring for such a detailed and thoughtful review of my latest book with Mitchell A. Orenstein.

“Architects of socialism built the Berlin Wall, symbolizing political unfreedom. When it fell, new walls emerged. Architects of neoliberal capitalism have built walls made of precarity and inequality, limiting what Eastern Europeans could do with their newly gained freedom. Scholarly walls separating disciplines inhibit us from correctly gauging the post-socialist landscape. Ghodsee and Orenstein’s new book, ...

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