Publications by Year: 2019

Q+A with Kathryn Sikkink
2019. “Q+A with Kathryn Sikkink.” Communique: The Magazine of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, 23, 12-13. Publisher's Version
Sikkink, Kathryn, Geoff Dancy, Bridget Marchesi, Tricia Olsen, Leigh Payne, and Andrew Reiter. 2019. “Behind Bars and Bargains: New Findings on Transitional Justice in Emerging Democracies: Research Note.” International Studies Quarterly.
Sikkink, Kathryn, and Averell Schmidt. 2019. “Breaking the Ban? The Heterogeneous Impact of US Contestation of the Torture Norm .” Journal of Global Security Studies 4 (1): 105-122. Publisher's Version