Lectures (July 2-12, 2012)

David Laibson (Lecture 1): Welcome & Methods to Behavioral Economics

David Laibson (Lecture 2): Time Preference Theory

David Laibson (Lecture 3): Empirical Evidence on Discounting

David Laibson (Lecture 4): Introduction to Neuro-Economics

David Laibson (Lecture 5): Household Finance

David Laibson (Lecture 6): Behavioral Macroeconomics

David Laibson (Lecture 7): Behavioral Agents in Market Equilibrium

David Laibson (Lecture 8): Going Forth and Doing Research

Matthew Rabin (Lecture 1): Introduction 

Matthew Rabin (Lectures 2-4):Preferences

Matthew Rabin (Lectures 5-7): Limited Rationality

Matthew Rabin (Lecture 8): Rational and Irrational Social Learning

George Loewenstein (Lecture 1): Foundations of Preferences and Predictions about Preferences

George Loewenstein (Lecture 2): Empirical Research on Health Incentives

Colin Camerer (Lecture 1): Measuring Cognitive & Neural Activity During Choice

Colin Camerer (Lecture 2): Laboratory and Field Evidence of Limited Strategic Thinking

Ulrike Malmendier (Lecture 1): Behavioral Corporate Finance

Ulrike Malmendier (Lecture 2): Investor Sentiment

Sendhil Mullainathan (Lecture 1): Behavioral Development & Poverty Economics (slides unavailable)

Stefano DellaVigna (Lecture 1): Social Preferences in the Field

Stefano DellaVigna (Lecture 2): Structural Behavioral Economics

Dick Thaler (Lecture 1): Libertarian Paternalism

Dick Thaler (Lecture 2): The State of Behavioral Economics