VECTRE is a Virtual and Augmented Reality development company that brings the power of immersive technology to enterprise, allowing your organization’s vision to not only be seen but fully experienced.

We are a full service VR/AR company - we walk you through each step. We support you in crafting a strategy, develop the content, recommend hardware, and set up deployment. We can provide onsite tech support for your program, and even help walk your team through it!

VECTRE develops business solutions in multiple areas, such as Training, Product Prototyping, and Marketing.

We bring a unique blend of skills, creativity, and passion for connecting with our audience. We are a platform for new ideas and narratives.

We want to push the boundaries of technology to create experiences that drive connection and results. Your imagination is the limit. Let’s bring your vision to reality.

Contact us for a demo, or reach out to see how VR can impact your business.


VECTRE | Disrupt Your Reality.